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2016-02-16 - GLI released

  • Features:
  • Added texture swizzle support #79
  • Added texture memory swizzle support
  • Added texture conversion from any uncompressed format to any uncompressed format
  • Added texture lod
  • Added texture mipmaps generation for uncompressed formats
  • Added support for load and store
  • Added support for many new formats
  • Added sampler 1D, 2D, 3D, array and cube map
  • Added sampler texel fetch and texel write
  • Added sampler clear
  • Added transform algorithm to compute arithmetic between texels
  • Added reduce algorithm to compare all texels within an image

  • Improvements:
  • Reordered formats to match Vulkan formats
  • Improved OpenGL translation with for multiple profiles: KTX, ES2.0, ES3.0, GL3.2 and GL3.3
  • Improved Doxygen documentation

  • Fixes:
  • Fixed PVRTC2 support
  • Fixed luminance and alpha translation to OpenGL #56
  • Fixed DXGI_FORMAT_B8G8R8X8_UNORM_SRGB support #59
  • Fixed FORMAT_RGBA8_UNORM DDS loading using DDPF_RGBA mode #60
  • Fixed handling of DDS DDPF_ALPHAPIXELS #68
  • Fixed images, better matching names and formats #78 #81 #80
  • Fixed BC4U and BC5U files generated from MS DDS loader #82

  • Work in progress:
  • Added KMG container support and spec proposal

2015-09-01 - GLI released

  • Changelog:
  • Added KTX loading and saving
  • Added gli::load for generic file loading, either DDS or KTX files depending on filename extensions
  • Added gli::save for generic file saving, either DDS or KTX files depending on filename extensions
  • Added texture views using different texture format, including compressed texture formats
  • Added fine granularity includes
  • Improved API documentation
  • Much faster texture comparisons is non optimal cases. (Measured ~21x faster on Intel IVB)
  • Explicitly handling of texture targets: fixed various cases of cubemap and texture arrays failing to load with DDS
  • Fixed GCC
  • Fixed warnings
  • Fixed saved DDS header size on #52

2015-07-18 - GLI released

  • Changelog:
  • Fixed interface inconsistencies
  • Improved clear(), data() and size() performance using caching
  • Removed internal dependence to std::fstream
  • Added FORMAT_BGRX8_UNORM and FORMAT_BGRX8_SRGB support #48, #43
  • Improved FORMAT_RGB8_UNORM loading

2015-06-28 - GLI released

  • Changelog:
  • Large refactoring
  • Added loading DDS from memory
  • Added saving DDS to memory
  • Improved DDS coverage for R, RG, RGB and RGBA formats
  • Added DDS ASTC, PVRTC, ATC and ETC support
  • Added DDS alpha, luminance and alpha luminance support
  • Added PVRTC2, ETC2 and EAC formats

2014-01-20 - GLI released

Tested with Visual C++, GCC, Clang and ICC.

  • Changelog:
  • Fixed swizzled RGB channel when reading back a DDS
  • Fixed getMask* link errors

2014-01-18 - GLI released

  • Changelog:
  • Added flip function
  • Added level_count function
  • Fixed interaction with std::map (#33)
  • Added texelFetch and texelWrite functions

2013-11-23 - GLI released

  • Changelog:
  • Essencially a rewrite of the library
  • Added explicit copies
  • Added single memory allocation per texture storage
  • Added texture views
  • Added texture copies
  • Added comparison operators
  • Added clear

2013-07-10 - GLI website available

Welcome on GLI website where new releases will be published and documentation will be provided.